Jane Marquardt serves on the Board of Directors as Vice Chair of United Way of Salt Lake. It is an organization that has assisted families in reaching their potential though education, promoting healthy lives, and fostering income stability.


Established over 100 years ago as the Salt Lake Charity Association, United Way of Salt Lake’s mission has always been focused on finding ways to help the poor and coordinate and implement social programs. It has been an agent for social change by building healthy communities, expanding educational opportunities to at-risk children, and being ahead of the curve in identifying new and critical issue areas affecting the community. Today, the group serves 1.4 million people along the Wasatch Front – over half of Utah’s population.UWSL Hand

United Way of Salt Lake is changing the way communities approach problem solving. Through its “Collective Impact” model, the organization has brought community partners together to tackle complex issues. What is the “Collective Impact” model and why is it so effective? To find out, visit the Peace & Possibility Project.