Jane Marquardt and TamiMarriage is a major moment in most anyone’s life. Naturally, there is the tradition, the ceremony, and the celebration. All of these receive vast amounts of attention in pop culture. People pour their money, time, and effort into bringing the dream of a perfect wedding to life. However, the wedding itself is only ever symbolic. It represents something much bigger than the sum of its parts.

A marriage is the commitment of two individuals to join into a union. Two become one in a perfect partnership of love. That’s the true reason the day is so often described as “the perfect day,” regardless of what anyone wore, how the food tasted, or what music was played. Recently, Jane Marquardt shared with the Huffington post how she came to have more than a week’s worth of perfect days.

Jane’s story is winding and inspirational, especially for people who may not yet understand the huge advances in LGBT rights that have only been witnessed recently. These developments have had very real, positive, and immediate impacts on the lives of so many Americans. In celebration of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling which finally put to rest the dwindling debate on this civil rights issue, Jane spoke candidly about what it was like to grow and find love with her longtime partner, Tami. These two women proudly fought time and again to express their love and confirm their partnership in the eyes of what was, at the time, an ever-changing legislative landscape. Ultimately married six times in multiple states, as well as in Canada, before the U.S. Supreme Court decision this year cemented their union’s legal legitimacy, Jane and Tami continue to work towards wider acceptance and empowerment of the LGBT community in their home state of Utah and beyond.

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