Jane Marquardt Plan B Theatre Company

Plan-B Theatre raises awareness and invites conversation about the important issues that are present in our community. The Theatre’s productions spotlight Utah playwrights while delving into themes such as LGBTQ rights, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, cancer, racism, and religion through the use of dynamic and engaging characters to show how these issues impact people every day. Plan-B’s use of stage to focus on equality for all is a powerful medium to encourage meaningful conversations and create change in our community.

Jane and her wife Tami became directly involved with Plan-B during the 2001 production of The Laramie Project. “An extraordinary feat of theatrical journalism,” the play highlighted the social issues, events, and pressures surrounding and leading up to the 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard in Laramie, Wyoming.

This year, Plan-B Theatre is proud to announce its lineup for the 2016/17 season, featuring world premieres by Utah playwrights Debora Threedy, Tim Slover, Morag Shepherd, and Melissa Leilani Larson. The theme of the season is “what it means to speak the truth.” Four shows will comprise the season- One Big Union, Virtue, Not One Drop, and The Edible Complex. For more information on these shows, visit http://www.peaceandpossibilityproject.org/plan-b-theatre-announces-20162017-lineup/.