Jane at Louvre

My recent family vacation took an unexpected turn due to international conflicts. Our original plan was to go to Turkey with my grandchildren. Ten days before we were to depart, the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul was bombed, killing 44 and injuring over 230 others. Needless to say, we changed our family travel plans, and ended up in France. Terror accompanied us there, too.

Will we stop traveling? Absolutely not. Tami and I firmly believe visiting different places and experiencing different cultures is important for our grandchildren and a part of personal development. It’s up to us to have the strength, courage, and curiosity to forge friendships and gain an appreciation for people living around the world. It’s up to us to stand with the everyday people grieving and worrying in these countries, for they are not much different than us.

We can’t let terror win. We can’t let isolationism win. Read our fully story here.